Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Paint by Numbers

This is the painting created by artist Francis Martin for the Green Gold exhibition, inspired by trompe l'oeil.

Picture Map

1. A Carriel is a small leather satchel, similar in appearance to a saddlebag, but worn over the shoulder usually by men. This bag is synonymous with paisa culture and commerce and is a beloved symbol of the industriousness and honesty of antioquenos.

2. Juan Valdéz. Character created by the National Federation of Coffee Plantations to promote coffee sales in the exterior. Juan Valdez represents the typical farmer from the Colombian Coffee Region that walks through the mountains accompanied by his mule (Conchita) who always helps him transport Colombian coffee.

3. The Amigos del Chocó Foundation (AMICHOCO) is an environmental NGO that fosters the sustainable use of natural resources and the improvement of the quality of life of the mainly Afro-Colombian population that lives in the Chocó Bioregion in Colombia.

4. Oro Verde® is the brand name of the first environmentally certified and socially responsible gold in the world.

5. The National Flower of Colombia is an orchid called the Cattleya Trianae (May Flower).

6. The Gold Museum collection in Bogotá began when the Banco de la República acquired a Quimbaya lime container or poporo, made of gold.

7. Indians panning for Gold. Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo 1535.

8. Oro Verde® miner Catalina Mosquera.

9. The Department of Chocó in Colombia.

10. Filigree earring, Zenú tradition.

11. A traditional wooden batea, used for panning gold.

12,13,14. Peine Mono (Apeiba), Escoba Babosa (Sida Glutinosa) and Malva (Malachra Rudis), the juice of which is used to separate the gold from the gravel.

15. Agrias Butterfly.

16. Colombian Flag.

17. Traditional Chiva Bus

18. The sombrero vueltiao or sombrero vueltiado (Colombian Spanish for hat with laps), a traditional hat from Colombia and one of its symbols.

19. The Andean Condor (vultus gryplus). Chosen in 1834 as the emblem of liberty and sovereignty, the condor is on Colombia's national crest. Today, there are many campaigns to conserve this bird and save it from extinction.

20. South America

21. Bogota to London is 5271 miles.

22. A cuff and a ring crafted from Oro Verde® gold by Stacey Whale.

23. A cup of English Breakfast tea.

24. London.

25. Colombia.

26. Candescent

The finished painting.

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