Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bogotá Botanical Garden

We decided to go to the Bogotá Botanical Garden before Stacey left for London. The Colombian national tree, the Palma de cera or Wax Palm and the Colombian national flower, the Orchid, are found in the Botanical Garden as well as plants from every Colombian region, altitude, and climate.

The heavy rainfall left drops of water on the foliage, which reminded me of the gems set in Stacey's Raindrop jewellery collection.

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  1. The Bogotá Botanical Garden is a small sample of the nature that God gave to our country and we must take care of it, there teach us how to care for and preserve it so preserve the lives of our future children... Also we can find a great knowledge and you can find very old plants, ferns, roses, there are patriotic emblems of our country as the orchid and palm wax. It`s a spectacular place to interact with the nature!

    Josefina - Bogota Tours