Friday, 29 May 2009

Environmental Criteria

In the first instance, families interested in being part of the Oro Verde ® programme contact the Community Councils. The Community Councils, with support from Las Mojarras Foundation, identify the miners that have the potential to be certified and visit them while they are working at their mines. The programme then produces a list of productive family units who comply with the 10 environmental criteria, which is handed over to the independent certifier, IIAP. Currently 7% of the mining families of the two municipalities are part of the programme.


Oro Verde ® precious metal meets the following certification criteria:

1. There is no massive ecological destruction. This state being defined by changes to an ecosystem that places it beyond a possibility of recovery.

2. No toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide are used in the extraction process.

3. The mined areas gain ecological stability within three years.

4. Topsoil removed from the site is replaced during the exploitation process.

5.Tailings and poolings do not exceed the local ecosystem capacity for rehabilitation.

6.The silt load into stream, river or lake system will be controlled in quantity and frequency, such that the native aquatic ecosystem is not disrupted.

7. The mining operations are conducted with the agreement of the local Community Councils.

8. The origin of gold and platinum (for royalty purposes) is declared in favour of the corresponding municipality.

9. In forested areas mining activities must not exceed 10% of a hectare during rotation periods of two years.

10. Local, regional and national regulations are followed.

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