Friday, 22 May 2009

Inspirational Images

Stacey delves into the depths of the natural and microscopic world to find inspiration for her creations. These fragments of hidden detail provide a platform from which Stacey creates her award winning, innovative and original pieces of jewellery.

Using a variety of precious stones and lenses, Stacey creates a wide range of high quality sculptural male and female jewellery, handcrafted in gold. Stacey's variety of techniques with a distinct style of craftsmanship, provides a refined balance of strong architectural lines and soft organic shapes and textures, to create a piece of art that is beautiful, functional and visually intriguing.

Below are some of Stacey's inspirational images from Colombia.

Gold artefact from the Gold Museum

Gold artefact from the Gold Museum

Colombian Flora

Lulo Fruit

Detail, La Casa de Terracota


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